About Us

Design engineer Professor Dr. Ing. h.c. Ferdinand Porsche built each model from the inside out, every nut and bolt, every screw was engineered to ensure that each car had the capacity to run to perfection. We’re dedicated to continuing this ethos and we aim to ensure every car that leaves our workshop is running the way Dr Porsche intended.

We’re fanatical drivers too and are a committed part of the Porsche community, over the years we’ve developed close associations with our fellow knowledgeable enthusiasts and become experts in our field.

Should you come to us with an unusual problem that we’ve not seen before, we’re more than happy to work as fellow contemporaries with your preferred specialist.

As you can see from our website, we’re incredibly passionate about the Porsche, whether it be as a whole or the simplest nut or bolt. We’ve developed a wide network of contacts and are able to source those hard to find Porsche parts that other suppliers can’t. And without bragging, we’re proud to have the largest stock of 356 parts in the country!

So if you have problem, need a spare part or just want to ask us a question, give us a bell on 01277 630099 or +44 (0)7000 356911.

Mike and Paul Smith.